• The Difference Between DMAIC and DMADV

    Lean Six Sigma practitioners use a wide variety of tools to deliver their process improvement projects. Perhaps two of the most common tools are DMAIC and DMADV. Centred around improving the processes that underpin an organisation, DMAIC and DMDAV provide reliable frameworks that put customer needs, real data and scientific design at the forefront of… Read more »

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  • Understanding Lean Six Sigma Control Charts

    Lean and Six Sigma both offer a wealth of process improvement methodologies that help businesses around the world to minimise their waste and produce greater outputs. Control Charts are a primary Lean Six Sigma control technique. They are frequently used to establish controls over a process, monitor project results and measure the outcomes being achieved…. Read more »

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  • Elements of Change Management with Lean Six Sigma

    Change is the order of the day for all businesses. Stagnation leads to entrenched inefficiencies which, often enough, are capable of dragging a business down. Whether change comes in the form of new processes, new management or new clients, all businesses require the ability to adapt and make shifts as necessary. Unfortunately, overcoming organisational inertia… Read more »

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  • Companies That Use Lean Six Sigma

    The call for high quality manufacturing processes has only increased in the decades since Lean Six Sigma was first introduced. With consumers expecting seamless experiences and reliable products, Lean Six Sigma is more relevant than ever, both in and out of the manufacturing sector. Small companies all over the world use Lean Six Sigma to… Read more »

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  • The History of Lean Six Sigma

    Lean Six Sigma as we know it today has been the constant work of many decades. Hundreds of large companies and great minds have adapted the techniques, building on what came before and developing robust systems for process improvement. But Lean and Six Sigma actually have separate origins. The two systems have many areas of… Read more »

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