• Using Lean Six Sigma To Fix The Company’s Finances

    Lean and Six Sigma principles got their start in manufacturing businesses. They were used to improve the quality of products and reduce inefficiencies, resulting in happier customers, safer employees and improved turnover for companies. Since then, Lean Six Sigma has been applied in almost every industry. The systems it provides help businesses improve what they… Read more »

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  • Using Lean Six Sigma To Create A Leadership Roadmap

    Businesses all over the world suffer from costly inefficiencies. Lean and Six Sigma teachings provide a framework and dozens of tools for identifying and solving those problems at an organisational level. But, whichever tools your process improvement teams want to use, great leadership is the common factor. Without capable executives, process improvement projects would be… Read more »

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  • What is a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt?

    Businesses all over the world suffer from the unnecessary expense and holdups associated with operational inefficiencies. Poor communication, ineffective structures, problems with manufacturing and complicated project life cycles all contribute to wasted effort and money. As such, many businesses can benefit from the direction of a skilled process improvement professional. Lean Six Sigma is designed… Read more »

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  • Lean Six Sigma: Spring Cleaning For Businesses

    For hundreds of years, businesses all over the world have been chasing better results and improved performance. Far too many of us accept inefficiencies, or we write them off as a cost of doing business because we know it can be difficult to change the status quo and generate sustainable improvements. Lean Six Sigma challenges… Read more »

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  • What is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification?

    Operational inefficiencies and waste present a major hurdle for businesses all over the world. Precious time and resources are wasted on unnecessary handling, delays and poor communication that could be avoided with the help of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Implementing large-scale improvements to business processes can be a daunting task, especially where managers… Read more »

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