• Ways HR Can Help Build A Feedback Culture Amongst Remote Teams

    Maintaining engagement within a remote team is important in ensuring everyone remains connected to the company, managers and fellow team members during periods of remote working. Ensuring people continue to feel part of a team that values their contribution will keep them engaged and motivated. Recent studies during the pandemic have shown that working remotely… Read more »

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  • How Has Coronavirus Impacted The Manufacturing Industry

    2020 was definitely a challenging year. COVID-19 ran rampant across the globe and a number of industries felt the effects. Tourism, hospitality and retail were some of the hardest-hit industries thanks to the lack of travel and outside interactions. But another industry that was affected was the manufacturing industry. Supply issues, staffing problems and logistic… Read more »

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  • How Lean Six Sigma Can Help Overcome Challenges In Modernising Your Business

    Streamlining your business with Lean Six Sigma will reduce expenditure, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. Whether you’re in manufacturing, development or any other process-driven business, Lean Six Sigma will benefit your organisation. By removing outdated practices and obsolete ways of doing business you can bring your company into a modern way of thinking and… Read more »

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  • Ways to Improve Business Performance With Lean Six Sigma

    Lean Six Sigma is a system designed to bring efficient and effective change within your organisation. Regardless of the size of your business, improvements can be made to improve performance and minimise waste. We work with small, medium and large organisations to bring about measurable and consistent improvements to streamline processes and increase your profit… Read more »

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