• What is a Lean Six Sigma Project Charter?

    Every business improvement project comes from somewhere. Often, organisational leaders identify a problem that is having an adverse effect on customers. Although well-intentioned, the next step is that managers immediately try to solve the problem. This can be successful in the short-term. However, in many cases, the same problems reoccur because the systemic issue goes… Read more »

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  • How Lean Six Sigma Principles Can Improve Hospital Performance

    Lean and Six Sigma are systems that were originally developed to serve the manufacturing industry. While large-scale manufacturers have seen the benefits of Lean Six Sigma for decades, the discipline also has a home in many other industries, including healthcare. Modern hospitals are large machines, with thousands of complex processes servicing hundreds of employees and… Read more »

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  • How Lean Six Sigma Principles Can Improve the Manufacturing Industry

    In the mid 20th century, executives from Toyota visited a Ford manufacturing plant and were impressed by the efficiency of Ford’s famous production lines. Their visit was productive, with Toyota taking inspiration and introducing the first version of the Lean principles we know today. At the same time that Lean began to spread, Motorola was… Read more »

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  • How To Put Lean Six Sigma On Your Resume

    Lean Six Sigma offers some of the world’s most popular process improvement tools. All over the globe, businesses use Lean and Six Sigma training to eliminate waste and stamp out inefficiencies before they turn into major expenses. That means it is also a process that is widely recognised by businesses in almost every country and… Read more »

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  • How To Implement Lean Six Sigma

    Lean and Six Sigma principles have been applied to businesses from every industry, reducing inefficiencies and improving the way their processes operate. Originally developed by the large-scale manufacturing sector, Lean Six Sigma has now found success in a range of industries, improving processes and reducing organisational waste. No matter the industry your business is in,… Read more »

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