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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Classroom or Online

Our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training provides an explanation of Lean Six Sigma methods, tools and benefits.

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow to Green Belt Upgrade - Classroom or Online

This course covers the difference between the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training courses. The IASSC Yellow Belt must be completed prior to attendance.

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt - Classroom or Online

Thornley Group Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training is targeted at people who spend a significant amount of time involved in process improvement.

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade

Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training provides all that is required for Lean Six Sigma implementation and project leadership.

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We have worked with companies in different industries, various team sizes, and employing diverse business models. 

Westpac New Zealand Operations approached Thornley Group because several opportunities to improve customer experience had been identified.

Thornley Group delivered a comprehensive Six Sigma journey that provided our team with the confidence to initiate, deliver and control important projects. Their training helped us develop a team of six sigma qualified leaders.

Thornley Group build capability whilst coaching and driving the execution together.

I would highly recommend Thornley Group.

Gary Butler
Head of Operating Model Transformation at Westpac Institutional Bank

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Healthcare companies we have worked with.


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Thornley Group were recommended by a current employee and came with a great endorsement. The training was informative, detailed and fun. Lean Six Sigma provides an approach that can be applied to any problem.

Thornley Group’s presentation to the Site Leadership acknowledged the commitment of time and effort required for a successful project. Addressing the Site Leadership on site was also key to them understanding what we were embarking on, was not going to be an overnight quick win. We are all making great progress in our projects and understanding processes and systems to depths we haven’t reached before.

I would recommend Thornley Group. Their hands-on experience on varied projects provides a depth of knowledge and application that supports the theory with practice.

Christopher Price
Business Improvement Manager at Arnott’s

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Government organisations we have worked with.

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Fuji Xerox’s roll out of a ‘Global Services’ business model required a Six Sigma skillset to move towards a Services and Solutions approach. I was one of six people who were chosen to attend the Six Sigma training provided by Thornley Group. I later went on to upgrade to Black Belt through Thornley Group’s public course.

Thornley Group provided a very genuine service. Their communication skills were excellent and their on-going mentorship was and still is very much appreciated.

I would and do highly recommend the Thornley Group to everyone.

Keri Little
Business Improvement Manager at Fuji Xerox

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What can we help with?

  • Lean Manufacturing and Lean Services consultancy and training
    We can help your company reduce waste and improve & simplify processes - whether you are a manufacturer or a service provider
  • Six-Sigma Deployment Consultancy
    Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt training to international standards, as well as mentoring and project management services and delivery
  • Business Process Improvement
    By focusing on the customer, and delivering benefits quickly, it is possible to improve quality, performance, and profitability simultaneously. Simple problem solving to advanced methods
  • Strategy and Policy Deployment
    We can help you improve your strategy and policy deployment process, focus and define your objectives and deliver the ‘Vital Few’