What is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification?

Operational inefficiencies and waste present a major hurdle for businesses all over the world. Precious time and resources are wasted on unnecessary handling, delays and poor communication that could be avoided with the help of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Implementing large-scale improvements to business processes can be a daunting task, especially where managers and team leaders are under-equipped to enact real change. Lean Six Sigma offers a range of tools and methodologies that aim to empower business leaders to take charge of their own teams, reducing wasted effort and improving productivity, morale, client satisfaction and profit across the board.

If you or your organisation are interested in the improvements these tools can offer, then a Black Belt certification may be right for you.

Who Is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training For?

Lean Six Sigma training, such as that delivered by Thornley Group, comes in the shape of Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt certifications.

Each level of training is oriented around the functions your employees perform. Yellow Belt training is designed for team members at all levels of seniority, Green Belt is designed for project and team leaders and Black Belt is for those looking to mentor Green Belts and deliver strategic-level process improvement. In short, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is an improvement team and project leader, often with the authority to deliver large-scale process improvements and administer teams of Green and Yellow Belts.

A Black Belt is a high-level certification best utilised by an organisation’s leaders and managers with significant power to affect change over the projects they are managing. If you are a process improvement expert or aspirant, Black Belt training can open new doors for your career, with Lean Six Sigma teachings being broadly applicable and recognised in almost every industry.

What Does Black Belt Training Involve?

As the most advanced level of Lean Six Sigma training we offer, Black Belt training includes intensive learning to further the concepts included in our Green Belt course.

Our classes build on the central DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) and Lean principles covered in earlier courses, and deliver in-depth instruction on how to apply those tools to process improvement teams and projects.

The course includes study and instruction which covers dozens of Lean Six Sigma tools. Participants will expand their knowledge and learn further leadership skills, as well as develop their ability to analyse a business, identify inefficiencies and problems, plan improvements and implement sustainable changes on a strategic level.

What Are The Prerequisites To Become A Black Belt?

Due to the high-level nature of the Black Belt course, it can only be delivered to those who already hold a Green Belt certification.

Black Belt instruction relies heavily on participants having a thorough working knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma principles. It is also recommended that aspiring Black Belts have hands-on experience in managing and delivering improvement projects. While there are no requirements for Black Belts to be business leaders or managers, the course is intended for those with the authority to make real and lasting changes from their role. A Black Belt is most effective when they have the power to identify and correct organisational issues, as well as the freedom to mentor teams of Green and Yellow Belts working under their instruction.
As statistical analysis forms a significant part of more advanced Lean and Six Sigma training, you will need a solid grasp of mathematics and algebra before attending.

Ready To Become A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt? Speak To Thornley Group Today!

If you are an aspiring Green Belt, or a business leader interested in upskilling your process improvement teams, Thornley Group offers accredited Black Belt training that can deliver real change and increased productivity for your organisation. Contact us to discuss our training options and book your Black Belt certification today.

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