Companies That Use Lean Six Sigma

The call for high quality manufacturing processes has only increased in the decades since Lean Six Sigma was first introduced. With consumers expecting seamless experiences and reliable products, Lean Six Sigma is more relevant than ever, both in and out of the manufacturing sector. Small companies all over the world use Lean Six Sigma to improve the quality of their products and reduce waste. But, did you know some of the world’s largest companies employ teams of dedicated process improvement specialists? We want to take a look at some of the world’s most famous Lean Six Sigma companies and see where your qualifications could take you.

1. Ford

As one of the progenitors of process improvement, it should be no surprise to find the Ford Motor Company on this list. While Ford originated and used its own early version of process improvement, in 1999 the company adopted Six Sigma as part of a push to improve the quality of its products and control defects that plagued production at the time. Taking inspiration from other major manufacturers like General Electric, Ford adopted Six Sigma across the company with support from senior management to deliver better products and win back consumer trust.

2. General Electric

Operating in major industries including aviation, power generation, renewable energy and healthcare, General Electric (GE) is a global production leader. GE invested in Lean Six Sigma in a big way, requiring all employees to undergo a training program and complete a Six Sigma project before the end of 1999. Thanks to the full support of GE’s leadership, their Six Sigma implementation was highly successful. As part of the original program, employees were encouraged to participate with rewards such as promotions and bonuses being handed out upon the success of their Lean Six Sigma projects.

3. Honeywell

Honeywell International is a multinational company that produces a range of consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems. Their original implementation of Six Sigma came during the late 90s when they merged with AlliedSignal, another major production company of the time. The two companies combined their process improvement systems to develop their in-house Six Sigma Plus program, which is reported to deliver in excess of $1 billion of productivity improvements annually.

4. 3M

A manufacturing giant producing everything from Post-It Notes to consumer electronics, 3M is a global leader and Lean Six Sigma organisation. Originally introduced by former-CEO James McNerny, Six Sigma helped transform 3M, saving the company millions of dollars and promoting the innovative thinking they have become famous for. To date, 3M has more than 30,000 successful Six Sigma based projects to their name.

5. Caterpillar Inc

Famous for their yellow mining, construction and earthworks equipment, Caterpillar Inc (commonly called Cat), employs a Six Sigma program that dates back to the early 2000s. Six Sigma proved so effective that even in its first year, Cat saw the savings of their program outweigh its implementation costs. Ultimately, through process improvement, Cat delivered impressive savings and quality improvements, reaching their initial revenue goals two years ahead of schedule.

6. Xerox

Famous for their early invention of much of the technology we use today, including photocopiers, computer mice and more, Xerox became a Lean Six Sigma company in the 90s. By 2002, Six Sigma had been rolled out across their entire company, delivering efficiencies to their broad range of production operations. Xerox reports hundreds of millions in annual benefit from its Six Sigma projects, helping the company focus on data-driven quality improvement and waste reduction.

7. Bosch

A major player in producing consumer goods, industrial technology, energy, tools, security systems and vehicle parts, Bosch is a true manufacturing giant. One of Bosch’s primary process improvement tools, Six Sigma has helped Bosch pursue efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility throughout their production systems. Process improvement has become an indispensable tool for Bosch, with the company’s various national presences operating their own Lean departments to realise transformations in all local markets. Meanwhile, the company stands at the forefront of providing smarter manufacturing solutions to other companies around the world. As one of their major production areas, Bosch develops a range of technology and equipment designed to help their customers bring about the Lean factories of the future.

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With roots dating back nearly half a century in some of the world’s largest manufacturing companies, Lean Six Sigma remains a highly effective tool for managing quality and improving outcomes. For professionals, it presents a unique opportunity to enter an in-demand industry and provide expertise that supports the operations of the world’s most productive companies. Whether you are looking for your first Lean Six Sigma certification or are ready to obtain your next one, Thornley Group offers a training solution for you. Our experienced instructors provide engaging material that offers you all the tools and information you need to make a difference to your organisation. Contact us today for more information on our Lean Six Sigma training programs and corporate solutions or to book a course with Thornley Group.

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