What is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is the intermediate level of Lean Six Sigma certification. Green Belts are able to lead projects and assist Black Belts with their roles in managing data and analysis. Green Belt certification will teach you how to reduce waste, guarantee quality and eliminate defects in your organisational processes.

Efficiency has a direct link to employee morale which means an increase in efficiency can improve organisational culture. The easier it is for people to see results in their work, the higher the motivation to continue to succeed. There are numerous other benefits for your organisation, staff and customers that we explore in this article.

What Are The Differences In Lean Six Sigma Levels?

There are various levels of Lean Six Sigma certification. At Thornley Group, we teach three levels. These are Yellow, Green and Black Belts. Green Belt certification is the intermediate level of certification in Lean Six Sigma. With Yellow Belt certification being your initial certification and Black Belt certification being your advanced level of certification.

The type of Lean Six Sigma certification that you wish to undertake will depend on variables such as the level to which you currently work with processes in your current role. Black Belt certification is intended to provide you with the training and tools to undertake project leadership. Whereas Yellow Belt certification provides an excellent knowledge base for understanding how to support project teams in problem-solving tasks.

What Does Being Green Belt Certified Entail?

Once you’ve completed your Green Belt certification you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to operate across a range of roles. Lean Six Sigma can be implemented across a broad range of industries and at many different levels of project management. These roles include Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, Process Design and many more. You will be trained in project setup and you will develop a different approach to project management. Through the use of DMAIC you will increase process effectiveness and efficiency by eliminating unnecessary waste.

D-M-A-I-C is an acronym for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. Through DMAIC and associated statistical tools and techniques, you will be empowered to make significant improvements across cost, quality and delivery. In turn, this will improve competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction.

This Certification is advisable for:

  • Delivery Leaders
  • Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Process Improvement Experts
  • Program Managers
  • Operation Team Leaders

Do I Need Previous Belts To Become Green Belt Certified?

You do not need to have prior knowledge or training in Lean Six Sigma to undertake a Green Belt course. You may bypass the Yellow Belt training certification and directly undertake a Green Belt certification.

A Green Belt course will cover everything that is discussed in the Yellow Belt course while taking your knowledge of Lean Six Sigma to a higher level. If you have already undertaken a Yellow Belt certification then we also offer a bridging course that recognises your prior learning.

Please note: If you wish to undertake the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course, you must be Green Belt certified as a pre-requisite.

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If you have experience working with processes in service organisations or manufacturing then Lean Six Sigma is vital in improving your workflow. At Thornley Group we have worked with major organisations such as Arnott’s, Westpac Bank, and the BMW Group to streamline their processes. Our experience as a Lean Six Sigma training organisation means we have the knowledge to train you to the highest standard. Contact Thornley Group on 1300 310 079 for more information or to learn more about our courses.

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