How Lean Six Sigma Can Help Overcome Challenges In Modernising Your Business

Streamlining your business with Lean Six Sigma will reduce expenditure, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. Whether you’re in manufacturing, development or any other process-driven business, Lean Six Sigma will benefit your organisation. By removing outdated practices and obsolete ways of doing business you can bring your company into a modern way of thinking and acting.

How Is Lean Six Sigma Used In Today’s Business?

Regardless of the size of your business, improvements can be made to improve performance and minimise waste. Lean Six Sigma is used to streamline processes and improve customer satisfaction regardless of whether you are a small, medium or large organisation. Lean Six Sigma is designed to bring efficient and effective change within your organisation. This will have an effect throughout your business and will create sustainable positive change for your employees, suppliers and customers. Lean Six Sigma is a top-down approach used to bring about measurable and consistent improvements to streamline processes and increase your profit margin.

Can It Help Modernise Businesses?

Lean Six Sigma helps to streamline processes and maximise customer satisfaction. By honing techniques, you remove outdated steps. This “trims the fat” so to speak, which opens up opportunities to introduce new processes and procedures. Evolutionary growth can not develop if an organisation is weighed down by a culture that is too heavily steeped in traditional ways of doing things that no longer serve a purpose. The renewed perspective that is brought about through Lean Six Sigma helps to cleanse traditions. Traditions are important where they serve to enhance value to the customer, employee or shareholder, but maintaining something with the attitude of “that’s how we have always done things” is costly on multiple fronts.

There is a further risk of only implementing Lean Six Sigma on a superficial level. This may occur for a number of reasons but it is ultimately a symptom of the very culture that needs to be updated with Lean Six Sigma strategies. Lean Six Sigma experts need to be provided full support and resources in order to focus their efforts on core operations as opposed to surface changes. If you are only implementing it to impress shareholders or to maintain the status quo with competitors, then you are inviting negligence and failure.

How Exactly Does Lean Six Sigma Work?

Lean is the systematic approach to eliminating waste from processes so that every part of the process adds value to the customer. Six-Sigma is a business management philosophy that works to maximise performance and minimise cost in all that we do. By combining the two systems, you get an all-encompassing review of your business along with strategies to redefine what brings value to your customers. This permeates your corporate culture to act on all fronts and continues to evolve as time progresses, rather than stopping when a milestone is reached.

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